Patrick Adams

Melvin Bolen
D. Lynne Bowland

Gail Carlson

Zach Dietrich

John Elder

Dave Freeman

Myrna Gent

Judy Haraldson
Karen Holden
Michael Hosaluk
Bonny Houston

June Jacobs
Puck Janes

Anne McLellan
Cathryn Miller

Wendy Parsons

Susan Rankin
Anita Rocamora
Nisha Rocamora
Mary Romanuck
Marg Rudy
Jamie Russell

Jack Sures

Shirley Taylor

Madeleine Walker
Ken Wilkinson
Zane Wilcox


The Hand Wave Gallery is owned and operated by Saskatchewan artist June Jacobs. For 36 years, June has served art patrons and tourists by presenting the original art of 65 Saskatchewan artisans in gallery exhibitions. June’s own work features apparel and sculpture.

Here are the links and information for other artists that show their work at the Hand Wave Gallery. You will also find information in-house during our exhibitions.